Enhancing mental wellness through the care of indoor plants

Identify an opportunity within a problem space, select an appropriate platform, and design a solution. Present the project to internal and external stakeholders who will decide if the idea gets the green light for development.

How evaluating a sporting goods store’s website led to unexpected lightbulbs

Imagine you walk into a garage and you see top to bottom equipment stuffed over shelves and swimming in piles of boxes. You want to arrive at a simple destination: the basketball. But you find yourself playing hopscotch balancing over crates and containers to get to it. This is a…

Crystalizing the often blurry line between work and social communication in the age of COVID-19.

Communication is limited now more than ever, especially within companies that are strictly monitoring what and how employees communicate.

Remember the days when you and your colleagues could all gather around your desk and share ideas as well as some much needed banter?

Remember those times in the break room when you were laughing so hard you forgot you were in the office?

Remember when you could celebrate together…

Gabriela Fish

From Educator to User Experience Designer, Gabriela bridges both as the Founder of E Squared Labs LLC.

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